We, The institute, are a party and event organizing business.

We can arrange a meeting with a client to discuss every

aspect of their party or event to make it as perfect as


We can arrange all of the following,






guest lists,

invitation cards,


We are able to take all the stress out of your party or event

and plan it all out for you and keep you in the loop to make it

an extra special occasion.

We offer an in person quotation service where we can arrange

a time in the evening to come to you either at your home or

at a neutral location such as a café and discuss what you

want for your party or event and give you a basic quote. After

this we will go back, check prices and email, telephone or

write to you with an exact quote.

We are also availiable for charity fund raisers 

and hospital/emergency services events. We 

can offer our services at a reduced cost for 

these events.

we will need to see proof of your charity 


During the quotation we will be able to discuss food, drink, 

music and decorations.

We have close relations with whole salers who offer us 

competitive deals allowing us to pass the savings onto the 

customer when purchasing the items required for thier party 

or event.

We simply purchase the items required and the expenses are 

met by the customer.

We buy/prepare and cook food/decorate to make your life 

easier and spend more time preparing yourself.

List of charges:

Labour charge: £200

Consultation charge: £50

25% commision on food/drink/decoration purchases and 


expences such as invitation cards ect.

All our electrical equipment is safety checked after each 

event we do to ensure the safety of your guests.

We keep an eye on the decibels (volume) to keep within the 

legal limits.

A copy of this contract can be requested and if hired we will 

keep a copy for ourself and give you a copy for your records.

50% deposit is required from the customer before work for 

the party or event begins and you will be given a receipt.

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