Welcome to The Institutes

official web site.

We are a party and event

organizing business available

for hire to organize small to

medium sized events or parties


of all types from fund raisers

to birthdays, weddings, wakes

and engagement parties.

On this site you will be able to view images from previous 

gigs. View video footage from previous gigs Read up on gig 

details such as their purpose, i.e. birthdays, weddings, 

random events.

Feel free to message us to request information on employing 

us for your event.

And see a full list of what we can offer.

Our services are offered to those in south east Kent, England and charges vary between each party/event.

 We are the only company in the local areas that offers our services in a complete bundle!!!!!  CALL NOW OR FILL OUT OUR FORM TO ARRANGE A CONSULTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 We can cater to many types of events.

such as:



random events,



These are examples and if

you require our services for

anything else please email us

using the "contact form" at

bottom of the page under

"fill out my form"

 We offer the following services:
party/event planning - have your party or event planned from music to food and drink to decoration.
Musical entertainment - we can supply music and lighting and have someone set-up and run the equipment.
we offer more services, again please email us if you have questions, we can take away all the stress of hosting a party or event.
And all services involved with the above.
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